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I first saw the Bay City T in 1996, my first season coaching after playing in college. I had read about it in the newspaper over the last couple of years and had wondered how a team could have a fullback rush for over 2000 yards in a ten game season. This kid must have been a stud. I wondered how they averaged over 30 points per game. I wondered how an average program could just turn things around so quickly. Well, in 1994 a man named Jim Mullaney came to town with his tiny playbook and proceeded to change the face of Wareham football. Running power, trap, and a mean QB keep around the end, the Vikings dismantled defenses. Mullaney, with a junior laden team, went 8-2 in his first and only season with the Vikings and then disappeared into the sunset.

The next season they won a state championship. Well, in 1996 I returned to my alma mater to coach the freshmen. Among my duties was weekly scouting of our upcoming opponents. It was then that I finally got to see this offense in action. After a few plays of trying to chart their offense I soon found myself just getting numbers and trying to find the ball. Time after time it was the same scenario. Off around the right end the QB would go with the defense chasing him. After about a 10 yard gain he was tackled. Time after time I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I would looked to my left and 80 yards down the field the fullback was handing the ball to the referee. That was how a fullback gained 2000 yards in a season.

I was finally given the opportunity to coach the Bay City T in 1999 when I was hired at Old Colony Voke. We had a couple of players break school career scoring records, but ended up a disappointing 4-7. We really did not have the horses that year, but the offense did keep us competitive. For me the greatest part about coaching the offense was learning how to defend it. It would prove beneficial in future seasons. Offensively, it helped me learn how and when to attack teams out of the Double Wing and Wing-T.

Download the Bay City T playbook HERE.